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Can’t get enough of our flavor masterpieces? we are bringing not just 20 bottles in one sample pack, but 40!
Introducing hiliq 40’s. life begin at 40 they say, so hiliq is letting you taste its top 40 hand crafted pre-mixed creations that are excellent to your taste and budget!
Rediscover a new favorite vape for you and your business to enjoy and multiply your pleasures by 40!

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We want you to indulge on 40 different flavors! These are exciting troupe of flavors in one pack ready to rock your Vaping world!

Below is the complete list of what you can expect in the pack!


Flavor Name Category Description
Holiday Apple Fruit Get the taste of a Holiday, everyone is crazy about!
Fresh Banana Fruit Fresh in taste, smell and feel – A Fruity Vaping superstar!
Luscious Blueberry Fruit A classy classic Vape perfect for an all-day use!
Fruity Cherry Fruit This Vape justifies how cherry’s always on top!
Purple Grapes Fruit Get the taste that is getting better each day!
Summer Mango Fruit Get the ultimate Vape partner during heat and waves!
Delectable Melon Fruit Take a plunge over a watery-sweet and juicy delight!
Tropical Pineapple Fruit This Fruity Vape Favorite is a one-piece of a summer babe!
Fresh Strawberry Fruit Oh my Favorite! You’ll definitely say it twice or Thrice!
Bursting Watermelon Fruit A total Vape cooler you should not definitely miss!
Exciting Kiwi Fruit Your Vaping moments is going to be as exciting as ever with our newly improved Kiwi Flavored E-Liquid.
Lovely Orange Fruit One of the most popular fruits in the world is here.
CHILLING LEMON Fruit Fresh and cool – Let’s make summer a little that way with our Lemon Flavored E-liquid.
Amazing Peach Fruit Taste the same freshness and sweetness you can get from the original locally grown fruit from the northwest of China in our very own Peach Flavored E-Liquid
Sparling Grapefruit Fruit Sparkle into perfect wave of tangyness and sweetness in one Vape.
Raging Raspberry Fruit Powerful flavor hit in every Vape!
Exquisite B-H Tobacco Come out winner with this Top Vape Choice!
Classic Camel Tobacco Extra Premium Classic made more easily available for you!
Valiant Cigar Tobacco Never get away from your cherished way of Hitting Cigars!
Never-Ending Marlbo Tobacco Never get wrong with this All-time favorite Vaping Fuel.
Cooling N.Port Tobacco Relaxation is never been this easy with this blend!
Regular Tobacco Tobacco Like a real cowboy on its way to being extraordinarily strong.
GIVE ME 555 Tobacco Give me not just 1 high 5, but triple 5! It is your Favorite RY4 upgraded! Our Very own 555 inspired E-liquid is mellow and smooth.
Menthol Marlboro Tobacco Never get away from the regular tobacco taste you have ever loved before.
Awesome Mild Seven Tobacco Level up Awesomeness in Seven Degrees!
Creamy Butterscotch Food An ideal dessert delight in an amazing bottle!
Daring Black Chocolate Food Dare to fall in to a dark sweet addiction!
Toasted Coffee Beverage Imbibe morning calmness with one Vape Away!
Refreshing Coke Beverage Take your refreshment as often as possible with just one Vape!
Energizing Red Bull Beverage Taste energy and power just one hit away!
Sensational Menthol Herbs Get that Soothing Feeling not just In Gum and Drinks!
Lovely Vanilla Herbs A Classic Vape Delight Every Vaper is familiar with!
Menthol Watermelon Vape Coolers Oh my watermelon! Watery, juicy and sweet!
Menthol Orange Vape Coolers Cool down with A mentholated version of your Fruit Favorite Orange!
Menthol Kiwi VAPE COOLERS Cool down with A mentholated version of your Fruit Favorite Kiwi!
Menthol Strawberry Vape Coolers Surprise yourself over a true mentholated fruity delight with this hand-crafted summer Vape!
Menthol Peach Vape Coolers It’s a delicious treat for all the fruit lovers out there!
Menthol Apple Vape Coolers Perfect match! Taste pure holiday treat this summer with our Mentholated Apple Flavored E-liquid!
Menthol Cherry Vape Coolers The fun continues with our very own mentholated Cherry Flavored E-liquid!
Menthol Lemon Vape Coolers If you love the citrusy feel of lemon and the cooling sensation of menthol, do not think twice of stocking our Mentholated Lemon E-Liquids.
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